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College Planning

Today, a family can easily exceed<br/><strong>$250,000</strong> in college costs &#8211; for one child!*

Today, a family can easily exceed
$250,000 in college costs – for one child!*

There are two different prices for a college education –one for the informed buyer and one for the uninformed.


Making well-informed college savings, planning, admissions and funding decisions can help you send your child to the right college, potentially save you considerably on out-of-pocket college costs and avoid suffocating student loan debt.

Uninformed decisions, mistakes and missteps will drive up your college costs.
With our help, these vitally important questions will be answered:

  • Will we have to pay the school’s sticker price?
  • How much will we be expected to pay out of pocket at selected schools?
  • Which schools should our child apply to in order to get the best financial deal in the form of financial aid and scholarships?
  • Are we candidates for financial aid?
  • How much financial aid could we expect?
  • How much in free money (scholarships/grants)?
  • Can we increase our financial aid eligibility? How?
  • What merit-based scholarships, at selected schools, is our child eligible for and what are the requirements to obtain them?
  • How can our child get more free money for college?
  • Would test prep benefit our child? In what ways could it reduce our college costs?
  • Are 529 Plans an appropriate choice?
  • Which other savings options may be better, in light of our circumstances?
  • Will we qualify for tax credits? How much?
  • Should we set up a trust account for our student? Would it drive up or down our college costs?

You should expect more than simplistic,
one-size-fits-all investment strategies from a financial advisor.

* Source: College Board 2021 data analyzed by Collegiate Funding Solutions, Inc. Includes tuition, fees, room and board

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